About Us

Dela Cruise was established in Hong Kong on January, 2003. When it was established, Dela Cruise directly became a full sea freight service providing company with complete team and trained staff members in ship management, documentation and financial management. Dela Cruise established during an economic recession, the company took advantage of its flat organizational structure and its well experienced staff members to lower operating costs and maintain profitability throughout the recession. Dela cruise was very competitive at that time. Dela Cruise purchased their fixed assets at great price during recession. Its included good quality ships, containers and other resources. These efforts increased Dela Cruise effectiveness in ocean freight market and faster its growth. Dela Cruise expands its port coverage between Middle East, India and the West African coast with the export services.

Dela Cruise is committed to making your shipping experience as easy and efficient as possible. We recognize that your transportation needs are unique, and we work together to exceed your expectations. Strong partnerships with our staff members, combined with our reliable ocean schedule, allow you to establish a consistent cargo flow giving you better control over your just-in-time delivery requirements.

Why Choose Us:

Dela Cruise people make a difference. Our committed customer service and delivery teams provide a modified approach that is unique in today’s transportation environment. Located near to the Hong Kong and China Ports. Our regionally-focused teams are always available and provide local, port-based knowledge to help meet customer’s needs.

  • Fast and friendly communication system
  • Structured online systems
  • A strong well organized cargo management system
  • Frequent information from beginning to end